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Correct photos that come out blurry

Blurity! is a photo optimization tool that processes images blurred images, so you can see them more clearly.

The worst feeling in the world is uploading a bunch of pictures you took for a special moment or event, only to discover they came out blurrier than expected. Good thing programs like Blurity! address issues just like that.

Upon launch, Blurity! provides you with a tutorial wizard for those who want to learn the process of unblurring photos as they go. Even without using the wizard, the process is pretty simple. Just open the problematic image into Blurity! and select an area you want to unblur. After pressing the "Process" button, you just have to wait for Blurity! to work its magic before you see the results.

The app is actually impressively effective at unblurring even really messy images. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes awhile to go through the unblurring process. Unregistered (free) versions of this app also include an "unregistered" watermark on the finished product.

Blurity! is an effective tool to decrease blurriness in digital photos.


  • Simple to use
  • Achieves good results
  • Integrated wizard


  • Somewhat slow in processing certain images

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Blurity! 1.2.129 for PC

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